Office Shopê

India Sales: +91 98211 68715 (WhatsApp)

Bangalore Sales: +91 99863 29023

Delhi Head Office: +91-11-659-000-20


Our Business Model:

  • Build relationship with clients and understand the daily or periodic requirements

  • Keep track of the inventory of supplies in your office

  • If required, depute a person to manage facilities in your office

  • Act proactively and supply the “previously agreed” items at appropriate intervals

  • Raise bills and provide reports monthly

  • Do everything to save your time so you concentrate on more important things


Office Shope specialization includes:

Office Supplies – Basically everything an office needs to run – pens, paper, legal pads, files, binders, paper clips, etc.

Ink & Toner – We carry both original brands as well as high quality compatibles.  We also carry all of the other parts your office machine needs such as drums, fusers, and maintenance kits.

Paper – Copy, Computer, Specialty, Bond, Coloured, Legal, etc.

Cafeteria & Cleaning – Cleaning and Breakroom Supplies including paper towels, bathroom tissue, hand soap, snacks, coffee, etc.

Technology Supplies – Including printers, fax machines, multi-function copiers, mouse, keyboards, data storage, etc.

Furniture – Chairs, File Cabinets, Carts, Desks, Full Office Suites with free design

Custom Printing – Envelopes, letterhead, self-inking stamps, business cards, forms, promotional products

Corporate Gifts - We undertake order for custom corporate and personal gifts. 


About Us:

We exist only because we are able to give our clients relief from the pain of sourcing and managing office supplies. Office supplies like office stationery, Ink & Toner, etc., though look insignificant, but they play significant role in increasing productivity and keeping you organized.

Office Shope does not just supply products, rather build a valuable relationship with our clients.

As a reliable partner, we keep track of the inventory, deliver office supplies as and when needed or requested and submit reports and bills monthly. We stock the best and most important products, while maintain a list of dependable suppliers in the market.